Asbestos Removal

D&V Services manages the safe handling and removal of asbestos or asbestos-containing products from commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, public housing or any other type of asbestos-containing structure. D&V Services are a leader in the asbestos removal industry, with 60 years combined of expertise and multiple million dollar projects completed.

Our primary focus is to reduce potential health risks to people working or living in and around these products. Major asbestos removal programs are often complex and D&V Services strive at all times to minimise disruption to the occupancy of any building involved in this work. Due to the increased risk to the personnel engaged in this process, we manage a strict program of control, both in the removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos waste.

Our specialities include and are not limited to:

  • Commercial and industrial asbestos removal
  • Residential asbestos removal
  • Removal and vacuuming of asbestos contaminated dust
  • Removal of asbestos contaminated soil
  • Removal of friable asbestos
     - Asbestos pipe lagging
     - Asbestos backed vinyl tiles/flooring
     - Asbestos rope insulation
     - Asbestos millboard backing
     - Asbestos vermiculite
  • Removal of non-friable asbestos
     - Asbestos deep six roofing
     - Asbestos deep six sheeting
     - Asbestos fencing
     - Asbestos eve lining
     - Asbestos ceiling lining
     - Asbestos sheeting
     - Asbestos vinyl tiles
     - Asbestos Gable Ends
     - Asbestos Stormwater Pipes