D&V Services provides an asbestos removal and management service to our clients that is reducing the overall levels of asbestos in our community thereby reducing the risks and hazardous effects of asbestos on people in our community and on the environment.

D&V Services have developed a sustainable business model where all staff actively work to promote responsible use of resources by first being aware of the need to conserve resources wherever possible. D&V Services staff understand and focus on the need to limit consumption, reduce excess and wastage, reuse and recycle materials as part of D&V Services company sustainability culture. In this way D&V Services staff integrate sustainability into meeting our clients contractual requirements, and to meet the Commonwealth and State governments sustainability targets. D&V Services are committed to delivering high quality services to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

This will be achieved by:

• Constantly striving to understand the needs and expectations of our customers and ensuring that we meet their needs and expectations.
• Documenting and continuously reviewing our services and company sustainability policies and procedures.
• Maintaining the highest standards of business conduct, administrative efficiency and employee safety.
• On-going staff training to ensure that our staff have the necessary skills to provide ‘Best Practice’ in delivering our services.

To achieve these goals, D&V Services Pty Ltd has developed a Management System to meet the requirements of the Trade Mark Licence Agreement Accreditation System, Licence number QCC 66l.



ABN: 19 103 166 230

1 Cheviot Rd 
Salisbury South SA 5106

PO Box 60
Salisbury South SA 5106

Phone: 08 8283 2700
Fax: 08 8283 2711 


ABN: 17 141 580 109

PO Box 4353
Gumdale QLD 4154

Mobile: 0424 134 904

Phone: 07 3290 4883
Fax: 07 3290 3030

Operating under an integrated management system consistent with ISO 9001:2016, AS 4801:2001, and AS 14001:2016. Please contact our office for copies of our Quality, Safety and Environmental polices. Unlimited Asbestos licence, fully accredited and insurance cover.

EColor IS0 14001 SColor AS4801 QColor ISO9001


Available 24 hours 7 days a week (Office Hours 8.30am to 5.00pm). Servicing All of South Australia North, South, East or West

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